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Modern Menus Offers Free Meal Kitchen Planning

tumblr_m60jbimdgj1rzqrpjo1_500Busy folks looking for easy-to-make, healthful recipes and useful nutrition tips can find all that and more at. Modern Menus, which provides simple and nutritious dinner plans as well as answers to consumers’ questions, is available for free as of October 20th. Offering the same quality service subscribers have enjoyed for years, now all visitors to the website can browse the weekly menus and recipes, customize their grocery lists, read the nutrition articles, and get more, all at no cost.

Customers spoke and we listened. Modern Menus is proud to be able to offer our product with no fee to our customers, through creative negotiation with our partners,” says Joanna McFarland, Director of Operations at Modern Menus.Weekly meal plans are designed by Robin Brett Wechsler, Nutritionist, who intends for families to use them to eat well and eat together. Modern Menus’ recipes and ensure customers eat a variety of foods while maintaining portion control and following Dietary Guidelines. Each meal is staff tested for taste and preparation time, with most meals requiring only 30 minutes to prepare.

Can Modern Menus visitors expect more change in the future? “Only improved and expanded service,” promises McFarland. She adds, “We will continue to offer families a healthy variety of meal suggestions and give people peace of mind that their nutritional needs are met.